The following was reported by Melissa Delgado who lives in Ontario:

Today I visited Forest Lawn Memorial Park-Covina Hills and it distresses me to inform you that the Kennedy Brothers are interred here. I do not know anything about them except that Patrick was born on January 11, 1947 and Daniel was born December 26, 1947. They were to die simultaneously in some sort of an accident (?) the day after Daniel's birthday and two days after Christmas (December 27, 1986.) I do so apologize for my lack of further information. Attached is a photo of their niche; they are cremated and obviously together. Their resting place is next to a large "Grecian" marble sculpture of a woman with a flower wreath around her wrist.

Location: Mausoleum of Christian Heritage: Columbarium of Immortality; Niche 4021, Second Floor (Upper Level).

I had my camera with me and although I had no intention of photographing the Kennedy Brothers, a nagging "instinct" told me to anyway. A few hours later, I'm online, conduct a search for them and find your page. Kismet? Perhaps. Two souls who need to be remembered by those they so dearly cared for?....More than likely.

I am so sorry for their loss, even though I do not know them personally. They arrived on Earth within the same year and left in tandem and---quite frankly---it is heartbreaking. If you were a personal friend of theirs, my deepest sympathies….

My very best to you always.