We can't wait to see you!As a reunion committee we take great pride in the positive feedback we get from classmates who have attended earlier reunions. We also take negative comments to heart and do whatever we can to correct problems. 

The one comment we hear far too often is “gee, I wish (fill in the name) had been here.” Trust us we wish they had been there, too. Please keep in mind that we would love to be able to personally contact everyone but we simply do not have the resources to do so. Therefore, if there is anyone (a classmate, a member of another 1966 era CHS class or a teacher) who you would want to spend some time with at the reunion please feel free to contact them, pass on the information and invite them to attend.

You can see the list of classmates that we've been unable to locate on our Missing Persons PageGet the word out to your friends on social media whenever you can. If there are folks who you want to see but don’t have a way to contact please let us know. We’ll do everything we can to obtain contact information and personally reach out to let them know they are remembered and missed. 

If you do find them, they can This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and other information (which we will protect) on the Mailing List page on our website
As of January 2024 we still have 335 missing classmates. You can make a big difference!